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District : Grand Place - Centre Historique,Brussels (City of)
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The Kokob is indeed an Ethiopian getaway in the heart of Brussels. Tucked away in the Saint-Jacques neighborhood between the Grand-Place, the Bourse and Mannekin-Pis, the first Ethiopian restaurant in the capital offers this authentic and popular cuisine.

Fingers and injera as utensils

Have you heard of the restaurant in Brussels where we eat with our hands? You always thought it was an urban legend? Don’t be so sure! At KoKoB, they have done away with place settings and all other accessories and replaced it all with injera: a spongy flatbread made from teff flour, typical to Ethiopian cuisine. Heria, the head of the kitchen, whips up tons of delicious plates made with meat, fish or vegetables prepared with Ethiopian spices such as berbere, mitmita, shiro or turmeric…

If you are in the mood to try many different original dishes, go for the discovery menu that is perfect to share with friends.

The KoKoB will deliver

Since their opening in 2007, the KoKoB has always had a lot of service. At this restaurant with African inspired decor, you will feel transported to a foreign land. Wednesday night (7 pm to 11 pm) and Sunday (12 pm to 3 pm) are devoted to the coffee making ceremony, an Ethiopian institution.

When it’s time to leave, reality check: you aren’t in Addis-Abeba but in Brussels… But there is good news; you can now bring a little bit of Ethiopia home with KoKoB’s delivery service

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