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Rue Edith Cavell 230a - 1180 Uccle
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Lady Fitness
District : Uccle
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Lady Fitness awaits you in Uccle for some fun exercise time. In a family friendly atmosphere with a girly touch, Aurore and her staff are at your disposition for all your health needs.

The concept of Lady Fitness

The Lady Fitness Uccle center uses a 30 minute circuit exercise plan that functions without time constraints and allows you to shape your silhouette (slim, tone and/or lose weight) or increase your fitness level. A certified fitness coach will motivate and help you along during your session to make sure you push your limits. He will give you advice and make sure you don’t give up so you that you maximize results.

Every week, Lady Fitness offer a different program with a total of 5 specially designed programs for women: flat stomach, firm thighs, sculpted buttocks, body bust and weight loss. Don’t forget about future or young mothers: in fact, this center has developed programs especially for women preparing for birth. They will be able to stay fit during the pregnancy or lose weight after they have the baby. A pre-baby body is attainable with Lady Fitness!

Lady Fitness Uccle will make you sweat in the group classes, if you prefer this type of exercise. Pilates, bowka, yoga… consult the schedule on their website.

Thanks to Lady Fitness Uccle, you will receive rapid, noticeable and lasting results with the personalized cardio plan (cardio monitor) whatever your goal is! Come check the different “Passeports” and membership formulas; the staff will be happy to give you details about this gym.

Lady Fitness Après une séance d' #aquagym on se sent détendu et, le lendemain, pas de trace de courbature ! Avez-vous déjà essayé? 30.09.2014 at 14:14
Lady Fitness C'est la rentrée ! L'occasion de replanifier nos bonnes habitudes !
Montrez-nous une photo de votre enfant lors de votre inscription et les droits d'entrée vous seront offerts (valeur: 99€, cumulable avec la promotion de septembre 2 mois offerts) !
Et n'hésitez pas à inscrire vos ados (dès 14 ans) pour leur assurer une bonne année !
29.09.2014 at 16:16
Lady Fitness Lady Fitness commented on their own photo. 29.09.2014 at 10:10
Lady Fitness #Sport 27.09.2014 at 14:14
Lady Fitness Ce 27 septembre votre Lady Fitness Uccle participe à la Journée du Client de l'UCM!
A cette occasion chaque adhérente qui viendra s'entraîner recevra un petit cadeau, et pour toute nouvelle inscription ce samedi, les droits d'entrée seront offerts!
Mesdames, à vos marques .... partez !
26.09.2014 at 9:09
- Rue Edith Cavell 230a - 1180 - Uccle -
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Lady Fitness
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