The market leader in TV, hi-fi, telecom, photographic, computer and multimedia equipment, Photo Hall invites you to come and visit one of its 100 shops in Belgium.

In store, you will find a range of the best products by top brands, a wealth of TV, computer and telecom services, free delivery of your new LCD or plasma screen, exceptional payment offers with credit at 0% or payment in three instalments at no extra cost. A specialised sales team at your service to listen to your requirements and to help you make your choice, in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere... Let yourself be tempted by new technologies, such as plasma and LCD TVs and Home Cinema kits to create your own personal cinema, DVD recording machines with hard disks, GPS sets covering the whole of Europe, MP3 players and jukeboxes for hours of uninterrupted music, the latest generation of mobile phones with high resolution digital cameras, and many other new items. We also offer the whole range of photographic services: quality traditional and digital prints developed in our professional laboratory. You can send files on-line to our website or via the digital terminals present in all our sales outlets.