Brussels Innova @ Brussels ExpoBrussels Innova, the world exhibition of inventions, research and new technologies.

Brussels Innova opens its doors at the Brussels Expo (Heysel, Palais 10). This 61st edition will offer the best in terms of inventions, innovations, gadgets, or new technologies ... An essential event for innovators, entrepreneurs, or just those curious about new discoveries or tips for start-ups!

In total, there are 300 new additions from about a dozen different countries- and of course, Belgium is represented well amongst this group.

The Innovation Avenue - The Starters Avenue - The Social Avenue

These three key spaces in the center of the room will highlight Belgian innovations. The Innovation Avneue will present the visual inventions/innovations. The Starts Avenue will focus on young entreprises in innovation. 

The newest part is The Social Avenue which offers innovations dealing with social services in order to find concrete solutions for challenges in daily life. Handicap International was announced as a participant after presenting the winners of the "Design with a Heart" competition. There is also the award ceremony for the "Prix Zénobe" for the winners of the "Social Innovation" competition. 

Open workshops

Brussels Innova will also have workshops for the general public to enjoy, no matter your career path or situation.