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Place Jourdan, 49 1040 Etterbeek
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DISTRICT :   Etterbeek, Jourdan - European district

Specifications :   Bars, Beers & Wines, Restaurant, Terrace, Snack, Wine Bar

Open times :   Monday to Saturday from 5 pm to 1 am

“Nothing but pleasure in the extraordinary presence of a glass of wine…” Treat yourself to a relaxing night at 13°, a wine bar at Place Jourdan. The service, the décor, the wine selection and the accompaniments were put together with your well-being and enjoyment in mind. Cheers!

As you may remember (or not), 13° is the ideal temperature to serve wine. The flavors are brought out the most at this temperature, and the taste of alcohol is not too strong. This title is just as much a lucky charm as it is symbolic. This little piece of news is gaining attention in the world of wine bars. Looks promising for this bar…

In a modern and welcoming setting, with wooden walls and subdued lighting, 13° invites you to try a wide range of vintage wines of different grape varieties from all over the world. With ith a glass in your hand, 13° will transport you to places like France, Portugal, South America, California, Australia, South Africa, and Italy. Serving refined and authentic wine originating from the diverse lands of Europe or beyond, this bar will surely please and amaze you.

To enhance the wine tasting, 13° offers fresh and delicious accompaniments. Hummus, rillettes, olives or tapenades are perfect for the appetizer and make for a sober start to the meal. Gourmet spreads like Mediterranean tartare or tuna rillettes with cheese will delight even the most difficult food critics. Everybody will love the toasts topped with foie gras, salmon or bruschetta. On a dietary note, choose the “seasonal vegetables and dip,” a reference to the “Antoine” chip shop, a genuine landmark in the district.

Bar 13° at Place Jourdan

If you need a reason to toast, 13° is the place to go. This wine bar takes advantage of its positioning in the heart of the European district by celebrating all 27 national holidays of the members of the EU. This represents a one of kind opportunity to discover the customs of the neighboring countries. In addition, Bar 13° is not lacking in creativity or motivation to brighten up the night. Other activities such as themed parties with free wine tastings regularly liven up this place.

For those who cannot seem to disconnect long enough to have a drink, this wine bar has also thought of you. Two iPads are available for customers to use, and free WIFI is also available.

At Bar 13°, it's all about having a good time! 

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