Coutellerie Jamart - Au Grand Rasoir

Rue de l'Hôpital 7 Bruxelles 1000

Since 4 générations, the specialist of knives, scissors and razors

Official supplier to the Belgian Court, the Jamart Cutlery Shop puts all its experience at the service of both its specialised clientele and its ordinary everyday customers. Knives, scissors, razors and pocket knifes no longer hold any secrets for the Cielen family, which has now been at the head of this family business for four generations.

District : Bruxelles

Characteristics : Local marketTable Art


One of the oldest businesses in Brussels

With the wooden shelves, a weathered store window, and some blades more blunt than the others, the Coutellerie Jamart seems to have come straight out of another time. In addition to the undeniable charm of the store, the owners know everything there is to know about the cutlery industry. Quality is their first priority. The Coutellerie Jamart works with renowned French, English, German, Japanese and Swiss brands. And they work with a number of artisans all over Europe.

Sharpening service at the Coutellerie Jamart

Individuals and professionals alike recognize the excellent service at the Coutellerie Jamart.  Restaurant owners go there to find their kitchen knives, oyster knives or table knives. But their specialty service is their traditional shave. The best quality rebate planes, blades and shaving brushes are displayed up and down the wood shelves. Those who are passionate or perhaps nostalgic of the old days of barbers can even receive a shaving class.

Your knives are broken or are too blunt to cut? Trust the Coutellerie Jamart to make them sharper than ever before. You can even confide in their experts to restore your ancient knives.



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Coutellerie Jamart - Au Grand Rasoir
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