Strip clubs in Brussels

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04 Mar 2014, 09:03 Last Updated: 01 Jul 2020, 15:07

In Brussels, the strip club scene is limited to two streets and a metro station. This is where as the night falls, the temperature rises...

Here are some locations to peruse through with caution. The majority of the establishments open up around 10 pm and close the curtains at the crack of dawn.


At the metro stop Maelbeek, you can get on and off the metro without realizing that just behind, girls are pole dancing under the gaze of European functionaries. As the neighborhood demands, the Manhattan opens up as early as 4 pm and is closed on the weekend.

Rue de Livourne

From the Place Stéphanie toward the Rue du Bailli, the sidewalks along the Rue de Livourne are lit up with places to go. The names of the clubs are sometimes explicit: Peplum, Loca Noche, Funny Horse, Interdit… You certainly have a choice.

Rue du Cirque

A couple of blocks from the Place De Brouckère, strip clubs line up in the Rue du Cirque like a parade. At number 7 on the street, there is the Empire, a 'must' among strip clubs. In any case, don’t get to the door without a wallet that is also ready to let it all hang out. The price of a beer flirts around 10 €, and you could be tempted to buy something extra.  

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