Survival guide to rain in Brussels

Survival guide to rain in Brussels

Your feet are wet, your hair goes all curly and you have soaked jeans? We recognise your symptoms: you are suffering from a severe cumulonimbus attack! In short, it’s raining cats and dogs! No worries,dry this drop running down your nose !

You expected to have a drink on the terrace, a walk in the Bois de la Cambre, a barbecue with friends after a visit to the Apéros urbains. But, hell and damnation, you're sitting in a tram that smells like wet dog, staring sadly at the downpour that is striking the capital through the steamy windows of the wagon ...

You curse the sky which is affecting your plans ! You're good to review your entire schedule for the weekend ...

The training and cleaning solution

No way to get outside. You have decided not to leave the house until, miraculously, a ray of sun will work its way through the clouds. So you put on your old training and prepared your bucket, squeegee and mop. You plan to take advantage of this bad weather to polish your apartment from top to bottom. This spring cleaning was long overdue anyway.

And when all shines ? You sit in front of the TV with a big bowl of hot chocolate and a box of speculoos.

The raincoat solution

You get outside all rubber clad. Your boots, your oilskin, your fishing hat, all sheltered under an umbrella. Yes, water wets ... so what ? You do not have cold feet. As for Moses, the water will spread on your way. And when it comes to do your shopping downtown, you have your tricks !

Besides City 2, the Louise galleries or the Woluwe Shopping Center, there are other ways to pass between the drops during your shopping sprees. You will think ahead of time about the route you will take, focusing on the best located metro stations: De Brouckère, Rogier, Louise ...

Instead of walking along the walls, you will for example cross the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, near the Central Station. You will sip a cup of coffee under the glass arcades. Failing to take advantage of the sun, you will nevertheless enjoy the brightness of the place.

The athletic solution

If rain forces you to cancel your tennis, boules or golf game, it will not prevent you from doing some sports. Find the nearest gym the nearest gym or, since you're wet anyway, go for a swim in your neighborhood pool.

The consolation solution

The sun is gone on vacation without you ? Warm up your body and heart during a small solarium solarium session. And talking about moisture, you might as well step into a 70 ° C plus hammam

The solution for the kids

After a week of vacation in the rain, your little darlings are getting seriously restless. To avoid the drama of some dismembered Barbies, take your monsters to the Stardust Park. This large indoor playground features climbing, mazes, Bumper boats and many other attractions...

A little further from Brussels, Aqualibi or Plopsa Indoor Hasselt are among the covered amusement parks. You will be able to enjoy the wild river or the pirates loops.

The art & culture solution

And then, on rainy days, it's your chance to cultivate yourself ! To get away from the usual movie session, lose yourself into the maze of Brussels museums and discover the current exhibitions. You will find in our agenda enough to satisfy your curiosity ...

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