House of European History

Créé le 26/07/2017 - Dernière mise à jour le 17/07/2018

House of European History

From the academic to the curious, the newly opened House of European History takes visitors on a journey through the myths, discoveries and chaos that have shaped today’s Europe.

Situated in leafy Parc Léopold, in a beautifully renovated art deco building, it is the perfect place to travel through centuries of European history. With the help of a multimedia tablet, you will see, hear, touch items coming from over 300 collections across Europe. The permanent exhibition provides a unique pan-European perspective that encourages you to take a critical look and reflect on Europe’s past.

Don’t miss the temporary exhibition Interactions. Games and hands-on exhibits show how centuries of cross-border exchanges have shaped European food, culture and everyday life. You can also discover the ties that bind Europeans with Tracking my Europe, a collaborative digital experiment to map how people are connected to different parts of the globe.

Visits usually last around 90 minutes. Special visits and tailored resources for schools and families are also available.

Parc Léopold, open 7/7, free of charge, tablets available in the 24 EU languages, booking for groups of 10+ several weeks in advance, 90 mins.