Ella’s Beauty Centre

Rue Haute, 95 - 1000 Bruxelles

Your beauty break in the heart of Brussels

Let Ella take care of your beauty, you are in good hands


Feeling like having nice hands, doe eyes and perfect hair? Let Ella take care of everything. Located in the heart of the Marolles area, her beauty center is the ideal place for a delightful moment 100% dedicated to your beauty.

Beautify your nails with classic, semi-permanent or gel nail polish and let you guide by Ella’s gentleness and expertise to create fine and original designs.

Besides the manicure, Ella’s Beauty Center offers treatments to enhance the beauty of your eyes and make them look bigger. It’s also the perfect place to refresh your hairdo.

The major assets of Ella’s Beauty Center are her sense of service and all her delicate attentions dedicated to you.



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Ella’s Beauty Centre
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