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To live and work in Brussels, it is essential to speak one or several foreign languages. The EPFC has been teaching, for 40 years, a wide range of languages in a variety of levels, intensities, and specializations. This is an establishment for social promotion that was created under the guidance of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

Foreign language training at EPFC includes the following languages : German, English, Arabic, Chinese (in cooperation with the "Association Belgique-Chine"), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian.

Specialized courses offered at EPFC : alphabetization in French - French reading and writing workshops - Written French (Grammar and spelling) - Conversation courses: English, Dutch, French - Preparation for the British Council examinations: First Certificate, Advanced Certificate - Preparation for the DELF/DALF.

EPFC :: a renowned school

More than 10,000 students go through the language courses of the EPFC each year. The school relies on a staff of about 300 language teachers. Furthermore, the EPFC organizes a wide range of practical courses, on secondary and superior levels, which are market oriented and open to all: accounting, office duties, management, computer technology (office software, programming, new technologies, internet and multimedia, etc), communication, insurance, international trading, social economy, alphabetization trainer (in cooperation with the Roger Gilbert Institute).

Other courses

The EPFC also offers options to obtain a Secondary Education Certificate (C2D and CESS), which paves the way to university and to the "Hautes Ecoles". In addition, with the help of the French Community Commission, the EPFC organizes courses that prepare students willing to study sciences in post-secondary school institutes or universities. Lastly, they offer specialized training in health fields for (para)medical careers.

All certificates and diplomas delivered by the EPFC are guaranteed by the Ministry of Education of the French Speaking Community. New sessions start 4 times a year: September, November, February, and April. For those students who work, our courses can easily be adapted to their professional careers. Any private sector worker could be granted, under certain conditions, a paid leave of absence for academic reasons. Look into it!

Why choose the EPFC?

Flexible and varied timetables (night, day and even weekend courses). 9 education centers in Brussels and 10,000 students! More than 300 teachers. Very creative and dynamic administrative staff and management team. Frequent and long-lasting contact with the business world and hence possibilities to work as a trainee. Efficient, serious, and professional.

The EPFC offers up-to-date teaching methods with proven success designed to develop the student personally as well as professionally.

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EPFC Les inscriptions de septembre sont à peine terminées que celles de novembre sont déjà dans les starting-blocks !

Elles se tiendront du 12 au 17 novembre au Campus de la Plaine.

Pour cette rentrée de novembre 2014, l'EPFC vous propose des cours de langues en Anglais, Espagnol, Français et Néerlandais à raison de 12h/semaine (donc pas de cours du soir), ainsi que quelques formations TIC.
Voir l'offre complète ci-dessous.

Rappel : les inscriptions se font toujours sur rendez-vous, à prendre sur notre site Internet.
La première distribution des tickets aura lieu le lundi 10 novembre et la seconde, le jeudi 13 novembre à 9h précises.
Formations organisées www.epfc.eu EPFC - Campus de la Plaine CP220 Bd du Triomphe, 1 - 1050 Bruxelles - Bâtiment HA - Accès 2 - Accès : Metro Delta ou Bus 71 - Tél : 02 650 59 59 - Mail : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
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EPFC Les inscriptions sont prolongées jusqu'au 19 septembre !
Suivez ce lien pour prendre rendez-vous : http://www.epfc.eu/inscriptions/9-quand.html

et ce lien-ci pour avoir un aperçu de la liste des cours complets :
Dates d'inscriptions www.epfc.eu Les inscriptions se font uniquement sur rendez-vous : Ceux-ci seront exclusivement disponibles en ligne, depuis cette page, à partir du lundi 18 août à 9h précises. La mise en ligne se fera en plusieurs vagues succesives les 18, 20, 22, 26 et 29 août + les 2, 5, 9 et 12 septembre.Les rendez-vous so…
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