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Start thinking about your professional future today. Set yourself apart from the crowd with a resume full of important skills for the job market: language skills, computer science and accounting knowledge, business sense, management, engineering… The I.E.P.S.C.F. is a training institute for all these areas. Take advantage of this high quality social advancement education.

Language knowledge

The most important attribute that is going to help your profile stand out in the job market is knowledge of a second or even a third language. No matter what sector you are looking into in Brussels, being able to speak another language is absolutely necessary. The I.E.P.S.C.F. in Uccle thus offers language courses according to your interests: Dutch, English, German, Arabic, Spanish, French (as a foreign language), and Italian. What is I.E.P.S.C.F’s objective? To make sure you can express yourself spontaneously in the language of your choice. The institute's approach is unique and efficient. They encourage you to try this active and dynamic language learning method. What if you already have decent linguistic competence and would like to improve? Participate in the English or Dutch conversation tables. At night or on Saturday, you can take part in active discussions to practice the language. Are you looking for an intensive language course? Sign up for night classes at the I.E.P.S.C.F. You will progress rapidly and efficiently.

Training courses at I.E.P.S.C.F. Uccle

Other than languages courses, the Institut d'Enseignement de Promotion Sociale de la Communauté Française (French Community’s Institute for Education and Social Advancement) offers a large selection of practical training options on introductory and superior levels. Get trained to handle the realities of the market: a bachelor in accounting, computer science, engineering, mechanical or metallic constructions, electromechanical engineering… When you choose a training program at I.E.P.S.C.F. in Uccle, you are opting for a quality environment and specialized, accessible education for all. 

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