Al jannah

Rue Blaes, 59 - 1000 Bruxelles

Are you ready to taste the 1001 flavours of Lebanese cuisine? Then head over to Al Jannah at the heart of the Marolles quarter for a journey to gastronomic heaven! Al Jannah means “paradise” in Lebanese, and we can certainly say that it transported us to a culinary paradise!

District : Bruxelles centre

Characteristics : Restaurants Cuisines International Libanese


Fresh, expertly prepared dishes

In cedar country, the mezze is king. At Al Jannah, you can taste it with a huge array of sauces and in every style. Hot or cold, spicy or mild, as delicious as they are plentiful, these dishes will tantalise your taste buds. We like the tabbouleh, delicately flavoured with mint and lemon, the Fatayer Sabanekh, leaves stuffed with spinach, lemon and onion, as well as the traditional hummus, just perfect. To follow, Al Jannah offers a selection of grilled dishes. From entrées to desserts, everything is made in-house using carefully selected fresh ingredients. The value for money is quite simply unbeatable!

Al Jannah, simple decor and a unique taste

With its plain wooden bar and bistro tables, gilded paintwork on the walls and a small terrace in the street, Al Jannah keeps it very simple. No fuss here, because the star of the show is on your plate. The service is more than friendly, meals are served with a smile and complete authenticity, just as in Lebanon. The owner and staff at Al Jannah are only too happy to guide you through all the flavours of this little paradise. Open from 12pm to 10pm, take away is also available.



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Al jannah
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