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Huge parties, surprising places and original concepts are what the Bulex hab been made up for more than 20 years. The crazy institution can't wait to meet you for its next huge party... The dancefloor will be on fire!


In the early 90's, on each first Saturday of the month, neighbors of a 'Dominique Speeckaert' were swamped with beats... And that's how the story began. At first some peeps having a drink at small exhibitions with some friends... Then more friends, more people... But all those people were too much weight for the floor and the walls couldn't be pushed.

Then Bulex moved to the Plan K's refinery. Later, the non-profit organization put its turntables in incredible and often disused places, sometimes legally, sometimes not... For example, Maison du peuple located on the Saint-Gilles square, Mommaerts Street, 'Van Volxem Avenue or Heysel had successively hosted tones of revelers, always ready to party.

In 2006, Bulex dropped anchor at the shipping school, not far from the canal. Classrooms, gymnasium, dining hall, ... 2000m² of space and 1000 to 1500 night owls at the doors on each first Saturday of the month... But the organization was fired in 2009 and finally found its last resort, 300m away.

Rebirth in 2012

Out of the picture since 2009, the rebirth of the Bulex took place in March 2012. Stuff have changeg, a new boss: Jonathan Giacomelli, monthly events happening each time in different places, real varied music programmings and more... .

And obviously, the essential quality of Bulex, its cultural and festive aim, is kept intact. Bulex stays a real meeting place, thanks to cross-fertilization and its famous open-mindedness.

Bulex events are always up-to-date and timeless! Even if the Bulex's place always changes, it will always be part of the Brussels urban culture.  Kriss Gutierrez Cuervo

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