By Chef Michel à l'italienne

Rue Saint-Georges, 1 - 1050 Ixelles

A artisanal Italian cuisine which adapts itself to your wishes

By Chef Michel is inspired by Italian traditions and the love of good products.

District : Ixelles

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By Chef Michel

The By Chef Michel restaurant in Ixelles offers 100% Italian cuisine reminiscent of a New York-Italian atmosphere in the heart of Brussels. When you enter By Chef Michel, it's like being in a restaurant in Little Italy, the historic Italian immigrant district in New York. The waiters' uniform is reminiscent of the classy and refined atmosphere of Italian restaurants across the Atlantic. The restaurant offers a fast food style of cuisine but of gourmet quality, so it suits to the pace of life today while respecting the quality of the product.

Taste family recipes based on fresh produce

Chef Michel offers a selection of pizzas and fresh pasta prepared with fresh products and following several family recipes. The recipe for Bolognese, for example, has been handed down from generation to generation, each of which has brought a personal touch to the basic recipe.Grandfather added the olives (hence the name Bolognese il Nonno - which means Grandfather's Bolognese), Michel's mother added the capers and Chef Michel added the final touch by incorporating fresh coriander. Made with fresh products, all restaurant's dishes have their story, and are all homemade from products imported from Italy, such as guanciale for the carbonara and pecorino ripened for six months.

The perfection of café's appetisers

At By Chef Michel, perfection does not rest only with the main courses. The appetisers and the salads but most especially the coffee are the fruits of research and precision. The restaurant's Barista is constantly striving to offer customers the best coffee possible. To this end, he takes care to find the right blends of coffees and obtains his supplies from the best roasters in Italy.

Products to eat on the spot or to take away At By Chef Michel, dishes can be enjoyed in the dining room, but they can also be taken away. The restaurant also has a shop selling Italian products, so you can stock up with quality ingredients imported directly from Italy. Which gives you the chance to reproduce Chef Michel's excellent Italian cuisine at home.



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By Chef Michel à l'italienne
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