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Avenue de Fré, 206 - 1180 Bruxelles

Europe Hospitals is a leading hospital group serving the city of Brussels and its surrounding areas.

District : Uccle

Characteristics : Medical centers Medical care Medical centers


Who we are
As a multilingual general hospital, we offer comprehensive care at our three sites: St. Elisabeth in Uccle, St. Michel in Etterbeek/European Quarter and the Bella Vita Medical Center in Waterloo.

Calling on the expertise of over 300 specialist physicians and 1,800 members of staff, we pride ourselves on providing highly personalised care to around 2,500 patients every day. From accurate diagnoses to the most advanced forms of treatment, we combine state-of-the-art medical technology with contemporary infrastructure to deliver high-quality dedicated care with highest safety standards and excellent comfort. For each and every patient. Every day.

Our key values
- Personal approach
- Respect
- Expertise
- Efficiency
- Cutting-edge medicine





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