Flower @ttitude

Rue Antoine Dansaert, 127 - 1000 Bruxelles

Country bouquets, with a touch of electro !

Flower @ttitude is the most trendy of Brussels florists. They offer natural and wild bouquets in different quantities.

District : Sainte-Catherine

Characteristics : Florists


A symphony of flowers

Gabriel and Silverio, of French and Italian origin, are florists at Flower @ttitude. Gabriel started working there last January while Silverio has worked there for two years. With experience, these two want to modernize and bring Flower @ttitude up to date by expressing their eclectic personalities and their taste for design. Florists by training, they define themselves as artists, influenced by music and design, among others. Both waltz the beauty of nature through country bouquets, highlighting and respecting each flower and plant.


In addition to their shared passion for flowers, Gabriel and Silverio also share an unconditional love for electro music. Do not be surprised, then, by the door of their charming shop, to hear continuous electro sounds. Immersed in this musical world since (almost) always, florists are inspired to create unique and original compositions. They have also founded their own brand of artists - ElectroFlowerS.


Personalized and up-to-date service

At Flower @ttitude, you receive the advice of two enthusiasts always smiling. Indeed, it is not always easy to choose from their wide assortment of plants and fresh flowers, seasonal or exotic. Fortunately, Gabriel and Silverio are the kings to give life to your desires and ideas, from the simplest to the craziest. Listening to their customers, they favor human contact and quality. All with simplicity, kindness and joie de vivre.


And since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, do not forget the effect of a bouquet of flowers carefully assembled by experts to declare your love to your spouse or a loved one!


To stay awake and not miss anything, check out their social networks: their Facebook page ElectroFlowerS and their Flower @ttitude Facebook page (below).




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