Koezio Bruxelles

Quai des Usines, 163 - 1000 Bruxelles

The only trail that mixes fun, adrenaline and team spirit

Koezio is an indoor adventure park in Brussels that improves group cohesion

District : Laeken

Characteristics : Daytime Leisure Park Escape Game


At the indoor leisure park Koezio at the mall Docks Bruxsel you can follow a training as a propoer special agent in an area of 6.000 square meters! For two hours, you go through 4 districts : the mysterious maze, the geant game modules, the trail at 12 meters high, secret codes and even more... No need to be the most athletic or the smartest: what matters is to be together and improve group cohesion. Koezio is for all ages and from 2 players.

An exciting synopsis with at the head of the game the lonely and mysterious John K who is the creator of training centers for special agents. He designed everything to test you and prepare you to face the most challenging psychological and physical situations. But make no mistakes, there is no need for competition during this game, the main goal is to strengthen the team spirit of a group and to improve your social capacities. Although John K will remain anonymous and absent, know that he will be watching you during your time at the center. He will also send you encrypted messages to try and help you. In a nutshell, the perfect challenge for family and friends activities in search for adventure and adrenaline. It is also the perfect place where you can celebrate birthdays or bachelorette parties. You can even offer a mission as a gift to love ones.  

Caution: for security measures, there is a minimum heights of 140 cm! To extend the mission please, you can have a drink or share a meal in the bar and restaurant.


For companies, Koezio welcomes you for seminars and teambuildings.



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Koezio Bruxelles
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