Le Tibet

Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 153 - 1030 Bruxelles

The most traditional Tibetan restaurant in Brussels

The first Tibetan restaurant to open its doors in Brussels, offers cuisine which transports you to another land, staying true to Tibetan traditions.

District : Schaerbeek

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Experience Tibet as if you were there

Today, Le Tibet restaurant in Brussels is located in a manor house on Boulevard Reyers. Inside, you will be welcomed by authentic decor, imported entirely from Tibet, which will allow you to discover the warmest Tibetan colours. On the wall, the portrait of the Dalai Lama rests proudly beside statues of the Buddha and Oriental gildings. All of the above will allow you to discover the very best of Tibet or remind you of the country if you have been there before.

The menu, based on the traditions of the far-eastern regions of Tibet and on the northern branch of the Silk Road, offers varied and typical flavours. On the menu: generous dishes that provide warmth and energy, just how the Tibetan people enjoy them. Indeed, Tibetan cuisine has had to adapt to its extreme local climate and high altitude, hence the use of resilient food products such as barley, potatoes, mushrooms, dairy products and chillies. You will find these foods cooked in a tasty way on the menu of Le Tibet restaurant.


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Tibet: gastronomy and well-being

The country offers care techniques that allow you to rediscover both a sense of well-being and optimal physical comfort. The techniques are similar to acupuncture and reflexology. Le Tibet restaurant suggests you visit Yoga Massage and Asia Beneficial Massage.



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Le Tibet
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