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The best of sound & imagery equipment for a cinematographic experience

The Lasting Solution For Enjoying Music And Images. For nearly thirty years, New Music has been advising us and steering us towards the best sounds and images. Without embroiling you in sensational but early-day technologies, Jose Loro and his team take you off on a discovery of new emotions. Specialising in the development not only of iPod systems , mini-chains, and high-end (and very high-end) installations, but also in LCD or plasma screens , video projectors, furniture and accessories , its professionals bring your projects to life, without any real budgetary nightmares.

Among the hundreds of different possibilities on the market, making the right choice is no easy matter. The New Music team, buoyed by its considerable experience and the satisfaction of its customers, will welcome you within a serene and intimate setting designed to sublimate the transfer of emotion between the work and its audience. Installed in one of the ten listening rooms dedicated to high-fidelity sound and home cinema, you will be able to consider the respective qualities of the proposed systems and to make genuine comparisons. The key words that inspire the approach of these specialists are: transparency, realism, ventilation, depth, a respect for timbre, a sense of rhythm and musicality.

Do not forget the image

While sound here indeed receives special attention, image is nonetheless not neglected. Three rooms are devoted to it, one of which is fitted with real cinema seats. Immediately in the mood, you?re plunged into the very best that the Seventh Art has to offer.

The brands

The installations are developed on the basis of equipment designed by world famous brands, such as: B&W, Classé Audio, Marantz, Wilson Audio, Pass Labs, Meridien, Quad electrostatic panels, Pioneer plasma screens or Sim2 projectors, to mention but a few.


New Music
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