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Nova is more than a simple movie theater, Nova is a nonprofit organization and a living place. Its aim: trying to fight the mainstream productions and the globalization of the audiovisual in arts. Nova is not a commercial screen, such as UGC or Kinépolis...

Nova's programming is dedicated to independently produced, alternative, unconventional films and videos. At this nonconformist movie theater, there is no place for the Hollywood high-powered cars or American baby dolls. After 10 wasted years, the non-profit organization is allowed to occupy the building located in the Aremberg Street... The place was devoted to be used as a depot for old furniture... Not far from the Nova's ideas, who established itself in this abandoned hall. In the early 1900's, there were about 100 movie theaters downtown Brussels. Today, people can hardly choose between 11 different cinemas. What a wide range of choices isn't it? The same movies everywhere, the same seats everywhere, the same popcorn temple everywhere, the same lack of culture everywhere. Nova goes against the trend with its 'lively cinema'. Because we are talking about a movie theater which is alive and which has a past too. The Nova looks like a squat, with simple concrete walls, no fancy seats but wood and vintage seats. Its staff has decided to not renovate it, to let it in constant need of evolution...

More than a movie theater

Nova offers a programming as well as elements selected to complement the movie themes. That's why Nova is opens to all disciplines, organizing live performances, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, installations, etc. The main hall is multipurpose, including a concert stage and the bar-café, located beneath the cinema, welcomes people after each screening. Nova is really nonconformist and is ran by a dedicated volunteer staff with 15 permanents. Nova is a non-profit organization, staying alive thanks to external subventions and bars and tickets money.

Main activities

Nova offers monthly programming and events that bring new and contemporary productions to the screen such as long, medium, short fictions, documentary or experimental movies. Nova, with this atypic selection, makes it different from the other cinemas and has naturally evolved into a real production house, thanks to its alternative audiovisual productions which are not mainstream enough to be 'commercial'. - The Prima Nova: free evening with the director, programming all kinds of recently (auto)produced, short or long movies. Public brings along feature to be screened, then they will be seen and the selected ones will be screened at the Nova! Take the risk! - The 5th edition of the Offscreen Film Festival will take place at the Nova, Cinematek, Bozar Cinema and Rits from the 7th till the 25th of March 2012. Offscreen is the indispensable gathering for film fans, programming independent and unreleased cult, classic and offbeat films. Interested? Then go to the contact button of their website before December 30. - In January and February 2012, the Nova will have its 15th birthday! Take the opportunity to submit movies, musicians, filmmakers, directors, writers you would like to see(again). See you at the end of January for more info. Kriss Gutierrez Cuervo

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