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Place Reine Astrid, 9 - 1090 Jette

A choice of quality products and recipes from yesteryear

Sirre has been a family run bakery and patisserie in Brussels since 1935. This iconic brand has been carried through 4 generations of the same family.

District : Jette

Characteristics : Food Bakery & pastry


The story of Sirre

Sirre in Brussels is a bakery and patisserie where "tradition, craftsmanship and quality" are key. Since it was first founded, Sirre has been creating all its produce from the same premises above the Koekelberg store and in front of the Basilica.

Over the years, Sirre has won over the whole of Brussels and has subsequently opened stores in Jette and Stockel.

Craftsmanship and quality!

In all 3 stores you'll find a wide bakery and patisserie selection. If you like couques (hard biscuits) rather than pains aux chocolat, Sirre offer couques with chocolate, cream and even raisins.

Sirre has a wonderful selection of fresh bread to accompany your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try cereal bread, "bucheron" bread which is perfect served with cheese, fig bread and traditional pistolet bread rolls for Sunday morning breakfast. But at Sirre, there's a real star and that’s the Parisian baguette! This leavened baguette is produced several times a day to ensure it is always served fresh.

If you have a sweet tooth, there are a whole hoast of cakes will take you back to your childhood. The two flagship cakes at Sirre are the tarte aux riz (rice tart) topped with macaroons and the "Péché mignon", a cake with chocolate mousse and a crunchy praline bisucuit. There are also other classic delights including chocolate and strawberry Charlottes.

Sirre is much more than just a bakery and patisserie. At Sirre you'll find homemade ice cream available throughout the year. Sirre collaborates with a chocolate artisan to offer you high quality chocolates. Maison Sirre also caters for your private functions and business events with quiches, sandwiches and pains surprise.



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Pâtisserie Sirre - Miroir
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