Quai des Bananes

Rue Des Pierres, 28 - 1000 Bruxelles

Have fun in this bar specialised in rhums and cocktails

Looking to spend a crazy awesome night hinted with rum and cocktail specialties ? Head straight to the Bourse area !

District : Bruxelles centre

Characteristics : Bars & Coffee Cocktail bar


Quai des bananes, wacky cocktails 

Bonobo, Samouraï de l’espace (Samouraï from space), Judas, Happy phanie, Atomic nounours (atomic teddy bears), Freud, Tigrou, Zonzon, Méphistophélès : here are just some of the goofy-named cocktails that you will find on the menu at the Quai des bananes. Made with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or even a fruit juice, more than 400 cocktails fill the menu. Alongside these, aficionados of pure alcohol will love the selection of whisky, rum, and vodka from different origins. For the younger or the wiser crowd, you have not been forgotten at the Quai des bananes! There is a large selection of unique, alcohol-free cocktails. At the Quai des bananes, no need to wait for the weekend to party. In this Belgian bar, it's happy hour all week! 

Cocktail home deliveries for your parties

After 15 years in Tournai where it really became a reference for nightlife, the Quai des bananes took off for the capital… to the satisfaction of Brussels partiers for sure. It’s an easy going place here. Just enjoy the friendly waiters, the flashy colors and decoration, and the awesome music from the DJ.

You can have the touch of craziness that is Quai des bananes at your private events as well. Whether it’s a birthday, a housewarming party, you can trust these pros to handle your bar. The cocktails can even be delivered to a park if you are organizing a picnic event.  



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Quai des Bananes
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