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Rue Saint-Jean, 45 - 1000 Bruxelles

Live an immersive experience!

If you are a big fan of escape rooms or a curious novice, discover the different rooms at Quarantine for a good moment of conviviality.

District : Bruxelles centre

Characteristics : Amusement Park Activity Night out Escape Game


Immerse yourself in fascinating adventures

Do you like to play or consider  yourself as a detective? The quarantine escape room is a place for you. Quarantine makes every effort to make you experience the most immersive possible by creating innovative scenarios that are amusing to experience.

For each adventure you will have to use your sense of observation as well as reflection. You will be locked in a room for an hour, where you and your team will have to solve the mysteries  that it contains in order to find the exit before the time is up.


Different rooms for all levels

The quarantine escape room is composed of 4 rooms, each with an original and different theme.


The "Mafia" room is for a beginner audience, to fully enjoy a first experience.


Quarantine's flagship play, "The Apocalypse," is perfect for adventurers looking for adrenaline and thrills. This is the only room in the dark of Brussels. As its name indicates, you are in the middle of the apocalypse, you find yourself in a cellar, in the dark to have to try to save you (level 4,5 / 5).


The loft, makes you  visit an apartment of a modern witch filled with magic tricks that you have to try to solve in order to leave before his return. (Level 4/5).


The fourth piece transports you to an Egyptian temple and you will have to mobilize your brain but also your body, the communication here will be the key ... (Level 5/5)


So are you ready for the adventure?



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Quarantine - Live Escape Games
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