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Avenue Louise, 172 - 1000 Bruxelles

The best ways to enhance your gaze and your face

Number 1 in France, and having had a presence in Brussels since 2017.

District : Bruxelles centre

Characteristics : Beauty salon


The Bar à Sourcils offers a uses the most appropriate techniques to offer a complete corrective package for your eyes’ appearance.

Unlike many beauticians, The Bar à Sourcils uses semi-pigmentation instead of microblading. The semi-pigmentation technique, which was developed in the USA, represents the most natural way possible to restructure eyebrows, resulting in a natural look, with no residue on the skin – just a perfect eyebrow line. The Bar’s philosophy is that “an amazing encounter always starts with a look – so don’t be overlooked because you neglected your eyebrows. Be brave and try our speciality.” That’s why The Bar à Sourcils has built its image around specialising in semi-pigmentation, while the Bar also offers a tattoo removal service to repair damage caused by microblading.

The Bar à Sourcils has two locations in Brussels – one on Avenue Louise and the other in the district of La Bascule. A range of additional services is on offer during your visit:

Eyebrow care, which involves restructuring the eyebrow by redrawing the line of the eyebrow based on your facial shape by removing hair using depilation tweezers, then filling in any gaps using an eyebrow pencil for a more natural look.

Eyelash enhancement, which adds length to your lashes by applying a form of silicone to the eyelid. For an even more auspicious result, The Bar à Sourcils recommends that you combine eyelash enhancement with eyelash tinting! Meanwhile, eyelash extensions, which consist of applying individual extensions by placing them over a natural eyelash, are also offered. They are as light as your own eyelashes but only remain in place for three weeks, whereas eyelash enhancement lasts between four and six weeks.

More recently, “Plump me please” has just been launched: “Down the road I look and there runs Mary, hair of gold and lips like cherries…” Do you dream of a mouth with lips so delicious and adorable that people can think of nothing else? “Plumping,” which originated in the USA allows you to plump up and redraw your lips naturally, by cheating with 3D makeup for a natural colour. This technique does not, therefore, involved any risk, and there are no injections. The service costs €350, with free touch-ups, which need to take place within two months from the initial plumping service.

Finally, eye liner permanent makeup, as its name suggests, creates the effect of wearing make-up on a permanent basis.

If you’d like to become an eyebrow artist and master the technique of semi-pigmentation, The Bar à Sourcils Academy offers a range of training modules, with full information being available on The Bar à Sourcils’ website.



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The Bar à Sourcils - Louise
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