Whitlock Café - Grill

Boulevard Brand Whitlock, 102 - 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Whitlock Café-Grill

The Whitlock Café-Grill is the type of place that you may just want to keep to yourself, the type of place where you feel at home! You will go as much for the delicious food as for the great atmosphere. Just like home, minus the cooking and dishes.

District : Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Characteristics : Restaurants Cuisines Hamburger


Whitlock Café-Grill

The menu and service of Whitlock Café-Grill is simple, affordable and friendly. Over time, this establishment built up a reputation for the quality of their chargrilled dishes accompaniments. The grill can take your order from noon to 3 pm and at night from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Grill in Brussels

The owner’s goal is clear: satisfy customers no matter the day or time! The late hours will make the spectators at the Théâtre Saint-Michel or Atelier 210 happy, since they can go by after the show for a meal or a drink among friends. 



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Whitlock Café - Grill
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