Wine Zag

Rue de Trèves, 30 - 1050 Bruxelles

A tapas bar and wine bar mix to make one typical place

The oldest traditional Brussels bar on the Place du Luxembourg got a makeover. Wine and interesting tapas comprise the menu at Wine Zag.

District : Place du Luxembourg - Quartier européen

Characteristics : Bars & Coffee Wine Bars Tapas Bar


This place has held on to its traditional charm while also adding a sprinkling of unique and modern touches.

Wine Zag, more than a tapas bar

Authenticity, discovery, and enjoyment- no better way to describe the atmosphere at Wine Zag than with these three words, repeated all the time by customers as they leave. Authenticity, thanks to the décor, an embodiment of charm and nostalgia. Stained glass front windows, original tiling, and beautiful woodwork surround a large black board and wine shelves. Discovery is found in the wine menu. Whether it’s French, Portuguese, Italian, or Greek wine, Wine Zag uncovers bottles that are worth a try. To accompany the wine, you have to go for the tapas: classic, with the traditional cheese and meat assortments, or try a more spiced up version. We fell in love with the sardines and slice of rye bread as well as the kangaroo steak with an orange sauce.

Wine Zag, a good mood kind of place

Gonzague, the head of Wine Zag, will welcome you. Always smiling, he has worked in several well-known restaurants in Brussels (Fourneau, Jaloa, Park Side) before launching his own adventure. He is very attentive to his guests and likes to pass by the tables to make sure that everything is going well, ask what people think… and take a selfie with customers. On Thursday night, the energy cranks up a notch with live sessions of flamenco jazz. It’s great fun for the eyes and ears.

Wine Zag is only open during the week from 12 pm to 10:30 pm non-stop. But on the weekend, you can rent out the space to celebrate your birthday or any other event. 

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Wine Zag
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