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Privacy Policiy
Brusselslife treats the information of our visitors with the mots seriousness and in accordance with the law.


Hereafter the privacy policy explains in detail the types of personal data that we collect, when you visit the media Brusselslife. We’ll explain you how we store and process your data, and how and why we share your data with our supplier, and third party services. We’ll also explain how the law protects you.

This document refers to the site, as well as related products such as our newsletters and other digital media.


All data are controlled by Eurokom media, 500 avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, [email protected] VAT 0472.281.221, who is the publisher of Brusselslife Any complaint can be formulated by mail or by mail to the above mentionned addresses


Links with third parties

Brusselslife has links to websites, plugins and third-party applications. By clicking on these links or activating these connections, it may happen that these sites collect information about your personal data. We can not be held responsible for the collection of data by third parties.


What information do we collect

These are all the personal data of an individual that we collect.

Namely your identity data: surname, first name, sex, date of birth, language, email address, and any other address related to social networks, your login but also you password. Your comments and ratings on our media will also be included. Your accounting data: billing and delivery address, VAT number, email address, bank account, your username and password. We also collect your commercial data for the product or service you have purchased from Eurokom media Your IP address and your connection data and any other technical data concerning your browsing on our media.

Your personal data may also be the subject of internal statistics studies. They will be limited to internal uses in order to make our products evolve. We do not collect any information of a sexual, racial, or religious nature, as well as any information that is of a judicial nature.

We also practice a cookie policy, which we use to improve the user’s experience. In order to stop the collection of information via cookies, you can change the settings of your computer and browser.

Using your data

We use this data within the limits provided by the law, and more generally in the context of the realisation of a contract with a third party. The information that we collect are the ones collected when you become a customer or supplier, participate in contests, in order to be able to deliver products and services, and to be able to give you content based on information retrieved or given during your visit. This information can be used to provide offers, and content tailored to the profile of the visitor. We do not wait for your consent to use these, but at any time you may request to remove your data from our database. All your personal data will not be sold or transferred to third parties.

Data management

Your data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area to countries where our suppliers are located.

Your data will be transferred in this case with all the necessary security, and in countries recognized as having a security level recognized by the European Commission in terms of personal data protection. For US-based providers, we will use those who are part of the Privacy Shield. Your data will be transferred to third parties mainly for protection against any type of fraud, for the support emarketing, for the support, and for the sending of our media.

We may also use third party providers such as Google, Twitter, Vero to improve the marketing of our products, your personal data may in this case be used. Your data will be kept only as long as necessary for the good development of our media.

At any time, you can ask us for a copy of the data we have on your company or physical person. And you have the possibility to communicate us the corrections that you wish to make, or to delete them. If data can not be deleted for legal reasons, or because from third parties, such as Facebook & Google, we will inform you.

Data protection

Your personal data is stored on highly secure servers, managed by our teams internally, or by our suppliers.

When our site manages payments and passwords we use HTTPS. Access to your personal data is only possible by using a password, and your data is secured by SSL encryption.

Companies that manage your personal data are required to comply with the laws of their countries, and must comply with the rules issued by the European Commission on the protection of personal data.


Date of completion of this document, Brussels, 14 May 2018


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