Brasserie RN Waterloo

Chaussée Bruxelles 35, de - 1410 Waterloo

The Brasserie RN de Waterloo is a fantastic restaurant divided into three different eating environments. With sharp angles, the varied ambiances offer something for everybody. Asian delicacies to delicious bar food to the subtle joys of champagne- this place is a crossroads of flavors.

District : Waterloo

Characteristics : Restaurants Cuisines Belgian


A quirky yet harmonious place!

This restaurant is glamorous and almost psychedelic, pop and retro but always consistent. Offbeat and rich in detail, the décor will surely surprise you, like for example The Last Supper revisited by barbies! Wherever you choose to sit, you will not be deprived of any services (there’s a field and play room for the kids, valet parking and a heated terrace.)

La Brasserie RN Waterloo

To have classic cuisine, go to the Brasserie RN. This simple and delicious bar food will not disappoint you. Filets of sole fish, tuna tartar, snails and even grilled lobster will make your mouth water.


A bar for champagne, cocktails and finger-food. Come satisfy your cravings and especially your thirst in this magnificent bar at Brasserie RN Waterloo. They offer various kinds of champagne from Louis Roederer and also different cocktails such as the Mai Tai and even the Cumcumber Cooler, with the flavor of cucumber.

A return to Asia

And finally, you can choose some of the best recipes from the continent of Asia. Tikka massala chicken or lamb tandoori, very spicy green curry dishes, and sea bream, mango, fennel and lemongrass combinations. Also they serve mousses, chutneys, tempuras, soups and salads. In terms of desserts, they have a superb pepper and caramel flan from Sichuan. Come taste the best from China, Japan, Myanmar and India. 




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Brasserie RN Waterloo
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