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Professional and individual cares in the service of your beauty

Face Clinic Belgium offers unique treatments to unique people!


The anti-aging and nutritional beauty centre, Face Clinic Belgium, offers a wide range of treatments and personalised offerings based on everyone’s needs. The institute's professionals are attentive to their customers and will do its best to satisfy them.

A personalised and complete follow-up is provided so that everyone’s needs can be met. Face Clinic Belgium maintains a positive and innovative philosophy. According to them, beauty is not just a matter of appearance. It comes from within and influences external beauty. It is therefore not only important to take care of one's body but also of one's inner self.

That's why the centre offers nutritional advice and personalised follow-ups with the goals of weight loss or better skin, but also a follow-up with a sports coach.

In addition to traditional treatments, Face Clinic Belgium offers anti-aging and slimming programs, advanced techniques such as cryolipolysis, lipocavitation, lipo-laser, permanent hair removal with pulsed light, cellular stretching and radiofrequency, for firming up the face and fighting against cellulite. In addition, the centre works in collaboration with an aesthetic doctor and another doctor who provides vina therapy, a Vietnamese type of medicine.

Face Clinic Belgium uses professional products of the highest quality. Among them is the Maria Galland Paris range of luxury products based on energy, precision and harmony principles. The secret of this unique expertise lies in the incomparable effectiveness of our 100% manual modeling techniques, which is reinforced by a range of high performance treatments to use at home, accompanied with recommended dietary and sports programs. The care provided is very personalised with immediate results.

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