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102 rue du Page, 102 - 109 - 1050 Ixelles

A shop of multi-brands known all over the world for every taste

Homepage is a selection of contemporary design furniture and accessories for home, office and public space.

District : Ixelles

Characteristics : Decoration Furniture Interior decoration


It’s April 2015, and Homepage2 is surfing the wave of development, doubling its sales space with a new store just opposite…taking over the crossroads! 200m2 (with 80m2 dedicated to B2B) mainly dominated by contemporary furniture and accessories with Scandinavian influences, for example with the range from Danish brand HAY.

Following in its wake are Softline, Lightyears, Norr11, Mogg and even Domestic, continuing the deliberately simple feel of this new store, in perfect complement and synergy with the DNA of its big sister.

Today, Homepage continues to express its identity through the rich selection of products in its unique spaces, items that transport you on a journey of exploration through these two worlds. You cross the road to go from one store to the other, discovering and exploring two different universes, ending up with your favourite and your…favourite. Choices, choices!



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HOMEPAGE 2 More Furniture
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