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Located not far from  Avenue Louise in Brussels, the Alfa Laser Center is a center of aesthetic medicine and dermatology specializing in laser treatments. Opened recently, it benefits from the expertise and experience of its precursors: four centers with a reputation already well established in Paris, Annecy, Montbéliard and Luxembourg.


Full customized services

The Alfa Laser Center offers secure aesthetic medicine and laser treatments based on LINLINE Medical Systems proprietary technologies. Their goal is to improve the appearance of the skin and fight against the signs of aging. Their multidisciplinary team deals with the treatment of scars and stretch marks, freckles and port wine stains, psoriasis, active acne and pigmentary lesions, the removal of tattoos, peels, and the removal of tissue.

The situation of each client is accurately assessed, and various effective solutions in just a few sessions are proposed to overcome the situations quickly and sustainably . The most diverse skin problems are mitigated over the course of treatment, thanks to the hyper-selective techniques of the center.


Innovative solutions

The Alfa Laser Center, in addition to offering "classic" laser treatments, also practices cryolipolysis. This recent thinning technique is used to reduce localized fat deposits through a cold treatment  on the adipocytes, and therefore without the need for plastic surgery.

The center also performs capillary injections and grafts by a non-surgical method guaranteed without scar and without pain.


Center of Capillary Expertise

The CEJS is also a reference center for hair transplantation where:

  • Hair diagnosis
  • Medical consultation
  • Paramedical and Aesthetic Treatments
  • Mesotherapy
  • PRP
  • LED
  • Micropigmentation
  • Hair cosmetics / Micronutrition
  • Micrograft (Alfa method)
  • Biofibre (Synthetic implants)
  • Hair prosthesis

By highlighting state-of-the-art technologies and innovating in improving skin quality, the Alfa Laser Center is leading the way in a growing market.