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Established on the Rue Royale since 1959, Bodart Opticiens stands out for its experience and excellent service, as well as its care and precision in taking measurements. A Certified Royal Warrant Holder, this family company continuously develops to bring new solutions adapted to any customer profile: children, adults, people who love sport, those with low vision, contact lens wearers, etc.

Bodart Opticiens, exceptional after-sales service

At a time where the big chains are offering a second or even third pair of glasses for free, Bodart Opticiens is focusing on precision. Isn’t it better to have a pair of perfectly adjusted glasses, adapted to your face shape and meeting your medical requirements, rather than several pairs of poor quality glasses? Equipped with the most sophisticated measuring tools on the market, Bodart Opticiens takes the time to find the most suitable lenses and frames, in close collaboration with their main supplier, Rodenstock. With this close relationship, this Brussels opticians can, for example, replace Rodenstock lenses for free for its customers in the event the prescription changes within two months of purchase. This is the essence of after-sales service.

Bodart Opticiens, contact lens and low-vision departments

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the optics field, the Bodart team understands that children are their most sensitive patients. A poorly chosen or poorly adjusted frame can cause a lot of damage at a young age. To prevent this, Bodart Opticiens offers a wide range of frames and personalised support for children. This personalised support also benefits those with low vision, for whom a pair of “classic” glasses is insufficient. The low-vision department meets patients for an appointment, and directs then towards magnifying glasses, electronic magnifiers, reading magnifiers, magnification screens or tailored solutions, depending on the needs and desires of the patient. Always at the forefront of research and technology, under the management of Luigi Moioli since 2007, over the years the Bodart Opticiens team has also become the Belgian leader in contact lenses. You can have confidence that your eyes will be in safe hands with this Brussels’-based opticians!