Brasserie du Heysel

Chaussée Romaine, 650, 650
1853 Strombeek-Bever

Brasserie du Heysel

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The Brasserie du Heysel serves authentic and savory cuisine that never fails to please- much like their decoration and service! Head over there to have brunch where your wish is their command.

The Brasserie du Heysel :: anything from brunch to business dinners

The Brasserie du Heysel is filled with a variety of different elements that make your mealtime that much more enjoyable. There are big tables for when you’re with friends, a comfortable terrace, a marvelous garden, a veranda for smoking or having a cup of coffee and the play areas inside and outside will be surely be a hit with kids.

Delicious food at Brasserie du Heysel

The Brasserie du Heysel invites you to taste its delicious cuisine while alongst a sophisticated, clean, but more or less cozy atmosphere. They unite tradition and quality with classic dishes such as veal blanquettes or a braised lamb shank and also a variety of meats and other essentials items like shepherd’s pie and tuna tartar. Nature, modern style, good service and cuisine are united at this brasserie in Jette, where all is dedicated to gourmet cooking.