Chocopolis The Art of Belgian Chocolate

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Chocopolis is simply the biggest chocolate shop in downtown Brussels. CHOCOPOLIS produces its own brand of high quality hand-made chocolates.

Our professional chocolate makers work with no coloring agents, no preservatives and 10% less added sugar. They know what the best recipe for hand-made chocolate is - pure cocoa, a lot of imagination - they have created more than 80 different chocolates, combined with a touch of passion for chocolate and a desire to satisfy every taste - from the most classic to the most exotic one.


What makes Chocopolis unique is the chocolate factory which is located inside the shop. When you enter our chocolate temple, you are overwhelmed by the addictive scent of chocolate and cocoa...and you can even witness a live demonstration of the making of our delicious pralines! In fact, "La Chocolaterie", at the rear of the shop, was built with transparent glass so that you can enjoy the taste of your favorite chocolates while watching how they were made.

Come and see for yourself! Whether you want to stick to the classic flavors or experiment something you have never tasted in a chocolate before, Chocopolis is the place to be. Our doors are open every day from 9 am to 10 pm. We will welcome you with a smile and one free sample of our beautiful hand-made chocolates.

Do not hesitate to visit our e-shop, you'll find everything you want for your sweet cravings: box of chocolates, chocolate bars, truffles, etc.. In addition, Chocopolis offers a super fast delivery service: within 24 to 48 hours maximum.