The French cooking grant itself a panorama on the city of Brussels

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Restaurant, cocktail bar and Tea room – heated veranda – magnificent terrace ! Toison d’Or – Louise Brussels. Open from 12 noon. Hotspot for events

Tea-Room, bar & Lounge

You are warmly welcome from 12 noon to enjoy a coffee and dessert in the afternoon and cocktails or another drink of your choice. On Friday and Saturday evening, there is a DJ from 10pm onwards. Fantastic for a great birthday event.



Tasty lunch at noon. In the evening, you can enjoy our great menu, served in two breathtaking rooms, both with their own vibe and stylish decoration.


Summer and Winter Terrace – covered and heated

Lunch at noon and tea-room all afternoon. During summer, you can dine on our terrace.



Business and private events: drinks, receptions, walking diners, weddings and all business events. You can choose the setting either in one of our dining rooms or our private rooms. Our bar/lounge and roofed terrace is great for walking diners or drinks.