Cours de Promotion Sociale d'Uccle

Cours de Promotion Sociale d'Uccle 3 kind of trainings to help you find your way

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The «Cours de Promotion Sociale d’Uccle » (CPSU) propose a real alternative when you have not been able to find your way in the “traditional” schools.

Whether you are working or just arrived in Belgium, the CPSU is an ideal solution for you: the schedules and the educational methodology are adapted to your particular situation. The 3 types of training are all recognized by the “Communauté française”.

The 3 types of courses provided at the CPSU are :

The Degree in Tourism will allow you to open new doors. This course has a 3-year duration and it gives you access to several job opportunities in different organizations or companies.

The school proposes also a Degree in Management that will facilitate your access to the professional world. This training is particularly flexible and pragmatic in its programme.

Last but not least, the school also provides Language courses organized in different modules according to the level of each student. These courses will stimulate your learning of a new language and will allow you to improve at your own pace.

The number of students who subscribe to the “Cours de Promotion Sociale” is ever increasing. These very practical courses have the ambition to be as efficient as possible. Encouraging dynamism, general interest and curiosity, the CPSU are your ideal partner for your personal and professional growth.