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The Espace Pluriel: the only private clinic in Brussels that provides such a complete range of care and the advantages of a private clinic.

At Espace Pluriel, the patient is dealt with holistically by doctors who are specialists in their fields and recognize by the various authorities. There are two distinct branches of care a medical branch and a paramedical branch.

Specialities at Espace Pluriel 

ENT - Allergists - General and reconstructive microsurgery  - Dermatology  - Endoscopy - Proctology - Orthopedics - Nutritional medicine - Homeopathy - Digestive and endocrine surgery - Cardiology - Coronarography - Deep-sea diving medicine - Vascular surgery - Nicotine addiction - Sleep medicine. 

On the paramedical side

Osteopathy - Hook massage techniques - Fitness instruction - Lymphatic drainage - Respiratory physiotherapy - Revalidation - Pre- and post-natal physiotherapy - Perineal rehabilitation - Vestibular physiotherapy - Orthopraxie - Posturology - Physical therapist specialist in hypertonic/hyperactive and/or with attention deficit disorders - Logopaedics - Voice and language disorders - Speech difficulties - Dyslexia - Dysphonia - Child articulary problems - Mental health - Gastrotherapy - Emotional Freedom Technique therapy - Disgraphia - Sophrology - Pediatric plantar reflexology - Athletic podiatry - Psychiatric therapy (adults and children, psychosomatic problems, stress management, anxiety, relaxation, depression, meditation, family therapy) - Psychology - Therapies (tinnitus, chronic pain, vertigo, cancer, dietary behavior...) - Audiology - Hearing aids - Aesthetic treatments (hair removal, thinning, facial and body treatments, medical pedicures, manicures) - Nutritionist - Yoga - Nutrition therapist - Herbalist - Emotional management and self-confidence


Consultations are by appointment only.

Blood analysis

There is also a blood analysis laboratory. Blood test can be made from Monday to Tuesday from 7.30 am to 11 am. Wednesday to Thursday from 7.30 am to 11am & 3 pm to 5 pm. And on Friday, from 7:30 am to 11 am.