Idiot du Village (L') Idiot du Village (L')

The village idiot has been offering us fresh pleasures for 15 years now, thanks to the talents and creative spirit of the head chef, Alain Gascoin. And nor must we overlook the wonderful contribution made by Olivier Le Bret, who looks after front of house with his totally natural generosity. As soon as you walk through the thick curtain at the entrance, rather like the mirror in "Alice In Wonderland" we are transported into another world. Between the blue dining room and the red one, with its hints of the baroque, there?s something which reminds me of the attic of my childhood home. To add to the general impression, the food is served in the kind of crockery that my grandmother used to use. So yes, there is a family feel to the place. Once you've come in and sat down it really is very hard to leave. The same team have been running it for 15 years now. Olivier and Alain run this institution, which is one of the most engaging in the capital, welcoming ministers, actors, the King and Queen and even commoners like you and I. So what?s their secret, then... Having fun. "We don't take ourselves too seriously, we enjoy ourselves". And it works! The only stars we want are those we can see shining in our customers' eyes... The 35 places are very much sought-after so don't be an idiot, book ahead!