Cité du Dragon

Cité du Dragon

Cité du Dragon (La)

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La Cité du Dragon: a real palace of oriental food, enhanced by the charms of a beautiful 1923 villa and by the grandeur and refinement of Asia. The Cité du Dragon welcomes you amongst its splendor and aquatic garden estate, one of the most magical of the kingdom.

Impressive glass roofs, original woodwork, painted murals, rare antique items, an astounding pond over which guests walk, La Cité du Dragon gracefully combines ancient imperial art with contemporary design.

The fabulous garden at La Cité du Dragon

Just the view of the garden at La Cité du Dragon is worth a visit. 3000 m² of luxurious vegetation, hidden paths and fountains galore, imposing marble statues dispersed among umbrellas and greenery. Come good weather, you can eat at the foot of the lagoon where the notorious koi and the majestic multicolored carp frolic and will accompany you over the course of your culinary adventure. These are just some of the many joys of Chinese gastronomy which unites taste, originality and refinement.