La Marée Gourmande

La Marée Gourmande Fish-caterer to answer to all your needs

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With its well established location in Waterloo for the past 15 years, the fishmonger and catering service "La Marée Gourmande" can boast about their excellent service to faithful customers: daily fish arrivals, special cuts to order (filets, carpaccio, fish tartar...), catering service and home-cooked dishes.

From seafood platters to live lobsters in a tank, the produce is always fresh and high quality.

La Marée Gourmande: catering

On the catering side, "La Marée Gourmande" prepares its own foie gras terrine, but also makes fish and meat terrines in the traditional manner. The menu offers a wide range of mousses, cold and hot starters and fish, meat and poultry dishes.

La Marée Gourmande: at home

For your dinner parties, "La Marée Gourmande" also specialises in preparing meals for you to enjoy at home. For eight or more place settings, the team of "La Marée Gourmande" will come to your place and prepare the menu you have chosen directly in your kitchen and also take care of the service.