La Maroquinerie

La Maroquinerie

Rue Washington, 174
1050 Ixelles

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A studio specializing in restoring, repairing and producing luxury leather goods.

La Maroquinerie is a reseller for the brands, Il Bisonte and Bleu de Chauffe. This boutique offers high quality leather goods made in Italy and France.

La Maroquinerie studio is open from Thursday to Saturday at 174 Washington Street in Ixelles. This brand offers three services based around leather:

1. The studio

The studio offers ten years of expertise in repairing, restoring and producing luxury leather goods. The team at the studio not only works with the biggest brands but also yours! Work produced by the team is always artistic with special attention paid to the finish of the product

2. Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte is an Italian brand that produces bags and accessories in cowhide leather. It offers a range of exceptional bags to respond to the needs of its male and female customers. This brand's Tuscan expertise comes from traditional craftsmen which is why La Maroquinerie has included these products in its range.

3. Saphir cares for your leather bags

La Maroquinerie includes the Saphir range of products to treat and care for your leather bags and accessories. The raw materials used are natural including turpentine essence, beeswax and mink oil. These elements preserve the original patina of the leather, while protecting it from wear and tear over time.