Le Cellier de Vinalgros

Le Cellier de Vinalgros The specialist of still wines and spirits from every continent

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Vinalgros - Located in Auderghem, close to Delta, Vinalgros specialises in wine still, sparkling or spirits from all continents.

Le Cellier de Vinalgros : Advice

Vinalgros can advise you not only on the best buy but also on the decanter to use and how to taste your wine. Your wife cooks a delicious guinea fowl? Vinalgros will find you a wine that can accompany it. Your best friend is, contrary to you, a connaisseur of fine wines? No worries, Vinalgros can advise you. Your mother-in-law swears by a whisky liqueur with maple syrup? Again, le Cellier de Vinalgros is there to help.

Wines & accessories

Fine wines mature in this beautiful Brussels cellar while a vast range of accessories (decanters, bottle openers, games...) are on display in the shop. Vinalgros is also the organiser of Oeno'derghem: an annual wine tasting event that attracts wine growers and vintners.