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Fondée à Namur en 1982, l'enseigne Literie Prestige est aujourd'hui une chaine de magasins spécialisés dans le confort du sommeil.

A pleasant night’s sleep

Are you tired of spending night after night tossing and turning because of a bad bed? Is your back feeling the effects? You dream of a more comfortable mattress and softer sheets? Come to Literie Prestige and your sleep will never be the same… Apart from the large selection of products – bed bases, mattresses, bed frames, children’s bedding, pillows and linens - you will also have a lot of professional advice at your fingertips. Founded in 1982 in Namur, the Literie Prestige profits from more than 30 years experience in the bedding industry.

Literie Prestige: delivery and set-up

From De Beka to Lattoflex, from Nox to Pirelli to Simmons, Literie Prestige sells the most quality beds at the best price. In 16 showrooms throughout Walloonia and the Brussels Region, the store displays dozens of different models to appeal to all preferences and budgets. Literie Prestige also delivers your bed to your home and can install it if necessary. With these types of quality products and services, all you need to do is close your eyes and fall softly into the arms of Morpheus…