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Are you looking for an efficient and competent kitchen designer? MV Kitchen is your solution. A team of professionals will help you choose the best kitchen and home furnishing to fulfill your vision, lifestyle and especially your budget.

MV Kitchen: contemporary kitchen furniture and more

MV Kitchen only offers the best in terms of products and service. They are experts in kitchen design and are a reference for decoration. Their goal is to transform a simple functional space into a beautiful room with a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Amongst the brands that this store carries, you will exclusively find the Italian brands Siloma Cucine and Antares. The quality of the brands at MV Kitchen is evident through their display of modern, trendy and impeccably detailed pieces.

In addition to the layout of your kitchen, this team of interior architects will also take care of your other living spaces like your dining room, living room and bedrooms. And MV Kitchen helps you maximize every space in your home by custom installing closets.

Here is a little bonus that techies will love: once your project is designed and drawn up, you will be able to visualize a sketch of it in 3D.

Don’t wait any longer to visit the showroom at MV Kitchen in Schaerbeek!