Samouraï Ramen - Ixelles

Samouraï Ramen - Ixelles Samourai Ramen, the temple of Japanese stocks

Samouraï Ramen: 3 gourmet addresses to jot down in your notebook to enjoy delicious Ramen food.

For three years, Samouraï Ramen has been delighting the city of Brussels with homemade noodle dishes made from fresh produce.

There is an atmosphere reminiscent of Tokyo in the three Japanese restaurants in the city centre and the Ixelles municipality. Samouraï Ramen serves ramen, soups and noodles. A typical Japanese dish.

Three choices of endlessly customisable soups

Three choices are available: Miso soup made from fermented soy, pork broth with vegetables (seaweed, mushrooms, and bamboo) and a vegetarian broth ... There is also a diverse range that can accompany them including breaded chicken, roast pork, scampi and eggs. Ask the chef and he will make you a ramen dish of your choice.

Samouraï Ramen: freshness coming direct from Japan

In the land of the rising sun, you will find ramen restaurants on every street corner, a bit like our sandwich bars in Belgium.
At Samouraï Ramen, freshness is a guarantee of quality ! As in Japan, chefs will cook right in front of you. You will then be to see how your delicious ramen dish is prepared, which will be served to you with the greatest pleasure.