Swan Bar

Swan Bar

Place Saint-Gery, 25, 25
1000 Bruxelles

Swan bar

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Cozy and relaxed by day, vibrant and dynamic by night, the Swan Bar flows with the mood and desires of their customers. Located in the lively Saint-Géry neighborhood in the heart of the historic center of Brussels, the Swan Bar has a wide selection of cocktails and beer.

Swan Bar, swings on the terrace

Seated on high wooden stools around a round table, a group of friends enjoy some specialty beers. A little further back, two love birds sip on a cocktail together on a long, fabric arm sofa. And at the bar, a group of colleagues are enjoying a well earned after work drink. This is the Swan Bar, a bar where everyone can feel comfortable. Whether you try a cocktail off the menu or a local beer, you won’t be disappointed. When the weather is nice, you can even take go out on the terrace at the Swan Bar and settle in to one of the swings. These seats aren’t very popular in Brussels, but they are a great place to have a drink and relax.

Swan Bar, a football and afterwork

As soon as night falls, the mood picks up at the Swan Bar. It’s time for afterwork and parties. The bar also organizes themed parties with DJs and concerts- the perfect spot to organize your birthday parties. The new management that took over Swan Bar in 2014 is also bringing in football for a different dynamic. Big screens and décor make it an ideal place to watch the games in a totally chill environment.