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1020 Laeken


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XBO is the dedicated Service Partner for expats community providing FREE SERVICE from the best and leading National operators as Belgacom,Proximus,Electrabel,and Sodexho. The X-BO team will be delighted to become (alike more than 1000 new yearly comers) your privileged Telecom & IT partner during your stay in Belgium.

Basic Expatriate Service

As Basic Expatriate Service, we are proud to offer you, from scratch, the followings: - Multilingual Access: English, French & Dutch - Easy, Accurate & Timeless connection to the national networks (Landline, Internet & Digital Television) - Connection in 5 business days (outside promotion periods) - 10% discount on Phone & Internet hardware to purchase from us in order to make you running ASAP - Professional IT services at home, our specialized technician will cover all your residential and corporate needs - Free consultancy service from professionals for all your Telecom & IT needs.

Taking care

On top of taking care of your connection, we will grant you free and direct access to: - All available promotions at the moment we are placing your subscriptions for all the services you might desire - Our "XBO4U" & " XBO MGM" fidelity action - Our "monthly newsletter": giving you every month the accurate promotions from your Providers and partners - Our Toll free number: in case you want to speak to an X-BO team member and/or require any information - 24/7 support through our website and information service And discover our new Housing Services "XBO CS" will make your life easier?