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Benoît Van Innis - Instant Light

11 février 2021 - 04 avril 2021


Bibliothèque Solvay

For 40 years, Benoît Van Innis has been working with the most important Belgian and international media: The New Yorker, De Standaard, De Morgen... Benoît also collaborates with several architects to create works in public places. Its most symbolic is the fresco of the Maelbeek station, setting for the 2016 attacks.



Benoît offers an exclusive series soberly entitled "God". The story of two characters gathered around a table. Sometimes they drink, sometimes they smoke, always they talk.

The situations present in the 18 drawings (made from 2018 to the present day) also blend well with the moments of deprivation we have experienced and the endless discussions to pass the time.


Instant Light

It was in his Brussels workshops that Benoît first heard about the word "lockdown" last March. Instinctively, he makes a first drawing that he shares with his entourage via social networks. He starts again the next day. And so on for the following weeks.

Instant Light is a collection of 96 unique drawings that evoke Benoît's feelings of an unprecedented period. The deceptively simple drawings seem to instantly illuminate this black page. They provided their recipients with a moment of respite and escape during this very special period. Each day, a cartoon to escape the monotony of the anxiety-provoking current events.


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