Brussels Crime Tour

02 sept. 2022 - 31 août 2023

Brussels Crime Tour

Hold on to your guts. We let you relive some of the most horrific criminal cases that struck Brussel...

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Hold on to your guts. We let you relive some of the most horrific criminal cases that struck Brussels between the 19th and 20th centuries.

As you stroll through the dark alleys of the historic centre, the Brussels Crime Tour tour relates some of the criminal cases that marked the capital in the 19th and 20th centuries... Immerse yourself in the history of the city as if you were there and learn more about the people of Brussels, the police, but above all about the society and customs of the different eras. Embark on a shivering, frightening, gloomy, sometimes bloody and very violent walk, but always respectful of the various protagonists and scrupulously faithful to the facts. WHAT WILL YOU DISCOVER? The Brussels Crime Tour reveals the darkest side of Brussels' History and plunges you into the darkest corners of the human soul... But the tour will also teach you a lot about Brussels society in the different periods that we pass through. Honour killings, revenge, crimes of passion or villainy, the few stories told are sure to make you shudder. On the programme of the tour, among others... - Double murder for 50kg of pork, 1850 - The legend of the Devil's Corner, 17th century - The crime on the Place Saint-Gery, 1847 - The Jeanne Van Calk case, 1906 - The "Brussels incident", 1873 - ...But also many little stories and anecdotes! PRACTICAL INFORMATION Regular tours in French and english Price: €17.00 / €14.00 reduced rate (student, unemployed) Duration: About 2 hours Meeting point : In front of the entrance of the Hotel Amigo Rue de l'Amigo, 1000 Brussels End of the tour : Place Saint Géry Private tour on request in French, dutch or English: [email protected]

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